Issue #481 resolved

resolve_xref in does not apply non-exact matching logic to :mod: targets

Mike Bayer avatarMike Bayer created an issue

I can specify class or function names like :func:`.orm.mapper` or :class:`Column`, and a search will be performed, but this does not work for module names, i.e. :mod:`.declarative`. The resolve_xref() method in does not apply the find_obj() method to references of type "mod" nor does find_obj() support module name resolution.

Bug or enhancement, you make the call, the bug would at least be the docs don't specify this clearly: "Also, if the name is prefixed with a dot, and no exact match is found, the target is taken as a suffix and all object names with that suffix are searched." But it would be super-nice if resolve_xref could treat modules the same way.

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