Adding magic methods

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Enhancement reason: I tried making documentation for a project and found out the sphinx didn't show methods such as init, len.

Enhancement: After som diggin in the file I found out these methods aren't documented cause of this line:

Line 538:

if want_all and membername.startswith('_'):
      # ignore members whose name starts with _ by default
      skip = True

Basicly is hides privatemethods but also magic methods.

My hack to that is:

magic_functions = ['__str__',
if want_all and membername.startswith('_') and not membername in magic_functions:

Alternatively the hack could be made differently by just testing if a mether starts and ends with ''. This would be better under the assumption people don't use the magic method naming scheme on private methods.

This also solves the no constructor method documentation, and the issue

Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Neuhäuser

    These are by far not all special methods(that's what they are called by the documentation). I think we should differ between methods starting with _ and methods enclosed by like foo. Both variants should be documented if the user supplies an option like :private-members:/:special-members:

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