Ability to ignore local URLs with 'make linkcheck'

Thijs Triemstra avatarThijs Triemstra created an issue

When I run make sphinx on the documentation for PyAMF, it reports local links like this:

(line   9) irc://irc.freenode.net/pyamf - local
(line  26) ../../examples/general/helloworld/flash/as1/src/helloworld.fla - local
(line  27) ../../examples/general/helloworld/flash/as1/src/helloworld.as - local
(line  28) ../../examples/general/helloworld/flash/as1/deploy/helloworld.swf - local

But for localhost:port links it reports it as broken, which is understandable because that URL doesn't exist at that time:

(line  38) http://localhost:8000 - broken: <urlopen error [Errno 61] Connection refused>
(line  16) - broken: <urlopen error timed out>

Is it possible to ignore those local URLs in linkcheck, so I can still write the link as a normal rst url, without any extra markup? Perhaps the configuration file could have a setting for linkcheck ignore patterns or something? I can't manually scan the logs and distinguish those 'fake' broken links on our build server..

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