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Jon Waltman avatarJon Waltman created an issue


I've recently been working on a new builder for Sphinx to generate Texinfo. I discussed with Georg on the Docutils-develop mailing list about maybe adding this Sphinx. The code is in a forked repo at

The builder has been tested against both the Sphinx and Python docs and the generated Texinfo can be compiled to Info with minimal warnings and no errors. The writer implements most reST/Sphinx constructs and supports a few options that can be configured.

I've updated the Sphinx documentation to describe the new builder and the configurable options. The FAQ has a new section that discusses some general issues with the builder.

If there is interest in adding this builder to Sphinx, I would be glad to continue to develop and maintain it.

-- Jon Waltman, <>

Comments (2)

  1. Georg Brandl
    • changed status to open

    Hi Jon,

    thanks for the note. I don't have much time for Sphinx at the moment, but I will have in October, so expect the merging to happen by then.

    Thanks! Georg

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