copying static files in html theme

therblack avatartherblack created an issue


my sphinx installation is part of a CVS repo. An implication of this is that all the directories contain a CVS when static files are copied to the build directory, this directory comes to.

More exactly, in we have:

if self.theme: themeentries = [path.join(themepath, 'static') for themepath in self.theme.get_dirchain()[::-1]] for entry in themeentries: copy_static_entry(entry, path.join(self.outdir, '_static'), self, self.globalcontext)

and as copy_static_entry has no exclusions, the CVS directory gets copied too.

Perhaps the line above could be changed to:

copy_static_entry(entry, path.join(self.outdir, '_static'), self, self.globalcontext, exclude_matchers=matchers)


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  1. therblack

    Yes I did, but it didn't seem to work. As noted above, the part where the static files [from the sphinx source directories] are copied does not exclude files based on these config files. My suggestion is that they should

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