latex rendering hanging on table caption

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I have a large table with a standard caption

.. list-table:: Protocols and Ports used by MBG :header-rows: 1

When I render the latex and then try to build the pdf, latex hangs

LaTeX Warning: Hyper reference `enterprise:performance-limitations' on page 27 undefined on input line 1594.

[27] ! Undefined control sequence. <argument> c@\@captype

l.1700 \capstart \caption{Protocols and Ports used by MBG}

It seems to have something to do with the caption being inside of a longtable environment.

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  1. Johannes Bornhold

    I did some research and found the following fragments in the generated latex sources:

    \capstart\caption{The Caption} \\

    At this point latex will complain about capstart beeing unknown. This seems to work in other places, but not in longtable

    Headline Col1
    } & \textbf{
    Headline Col2
    } & \textbf{
    Headline Col1

    After removing the whitespace in the contents of the textbf command, it works. Else it will complaint about runaway Arguments.

    I also noticed some whitespace in the content of the table.

    My table has been generated by the following sphinx snippet:

    .. csv-table:: The Caption
       :header-rows: 1
       :file: src/table.csv

    Hope this helps to solve this issue.

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