:abbr: markup is not obvious in some browsers (like Safari)

Ned Deily avatarNed Deily created an issue

Reviewing the draft Python devguide, it was noted that usages of :abbr:, resulting in <abbr>, were not noticeable at all in Safari unless the user happened to mouse over. It was reported that Chrome gives no visible clues as well, unlike Firefox. If there is nothing that can be done in Sphinx (via CSS attributes?), perhaps the documentation should warn about it.

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  1. Jochen Kupperschmidt

    I usually counter such behaviour using CSS:

      acronym {
        border-bottom: dotted 1px;
        cursor: help;

    This resembles at least what I remember Firefox to style abbreviations like. Maybe that is an acceptable fix here.

  2. Éric Araujo
    • changed status to open

    It’s good practice to follow the convention used in writing, like in this example: “History in Mercurial does not form one line but a directed acyclic graph (DAG)”. That works with and without CSS or mouse or knowledge that the abbreviation will display more info when you hover over it. (Whether that information is sufficient for people who aren’t familiar with the abbreviation is another issue.)

    Advertising that practice is probably out of place for the Sphinx doc, which is not a style guide, but suitable for the Python docs.

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