.pot file msgid order while using the gettext builder

WAKAYAMA shirou avatarWAKAYAMA shirou created an issue

I think it seems the gettext builder in sphinx creates a .pot (and .po) file with different order msgids from original .rst sentence order.

While translating to other language, some word have several meanings and should be translated to different word. Since it depends on the "context", I think .pot and .po file keeping order is important to translate a long text not just a message.

I think it occurred because of using a defaultdict(dict) in builders/gettext.py. I changed it to defaultdict(OrderedDict) and get the result I want. However, OrderdDict comes from Python 2.6/3.2, this may be implemented using a list.

If you think this is a good idea, would you be able to change the implementation?

Thank you.

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