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Nicolas Friedli avatarNicolas Friedli created an issue

The index options are really good for general use but a new "hierarchic" option would be a really nice ehancement.

For exemple,

.. index::
    pair: Berlin; church

creates two index entries: Berlin, church and church, Berlin. The entries are both correct.

When you use the index with personnes, the two index entries are not interesting. For example: pair: Brandl; Georg. Brandl, Georg is OK but not Georg, Brandl.

I could use: single: Brandl Georg. A nice solution if there is only one Brandl (the one!) in my documentation.

The killing index feature is a primary and secondary (and more?) index for Sphinx, like or LaTeX.


.. index::
    hierarchic: Brandl; Georg
    hierarchic: Brandl; Birkefeld 



Just an idea :-)

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