Searchtools.js stopwords capitalization issue

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

.rst file: "It lists user ..." search queries:

  • lists user - OK
  • it lists user - OK (it being excluded)
  • It lists user - no results found

After adding "query = query.toLowerCase();" before "var tmp = query.split(/\s+/);", it properly excludes "It" as a search term and "It lists user" and "it lists user" return the same result.

Another scenario related to stopwords:

.rst file: "My Changes ..."

  • changes - OK
  • my changes - no result

After adding "my" to the stopwords array, both queries work. Why can we not search for this term? I don't understand the search infrastructure here completely, so I have no clue if allowing search on the stopwords is possible or will be negative in some way, but I'd be interested to find out. Would that be possible? "changes" as a search query becomes pretty useless in that case :-)

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