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enum support for C++ domain

Georg Brandl
repo owner created an issue

There should be some dedicated support for Enum types.

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  1. Jakob Lykke Andersen

    I have tried implementing something ( It supports both unscoped enums and C++11 scoped enums, both with the possibility to specify the underlying type. Enumerators for unscoped enums are injected into the parent namespace in addition to the enum scope. Examples:

    .. cpp:enum:: UnscopedEnum : char
       .. cpp:enumerator:: E1
       .. cpp:enumerator:: E2 = 42
    .. cpp:enum:: struct ScopedEnum
    .. cpp:enumerator:: ScopedEnum::A = 60
       An enumerator declared independently of its enum.

    (all of this is in the C++ domain, and it's currently completely independent of the C domain)

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