Search not working in Opera, Chrome (w7)

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I've been having this problem with Sphinx 1.0.7, read about the jQuery incompatibility situation in the debian mailing list, pip-installed the latest version (1.1) on an Ubuntu 10.04.3 VM, and it's still present:

Creating a test project with sphinx-quickstart, (proj_name: test, author: test, version: 1, everything else - default), I "make html" it and then I try to search for "contents".

IE9, Safari 5.1, FF 7.0.1 work OK. Opera 11.51, Chrome 14.0.835.202 m are stuck in the "Searching..." phase that shows no results and indicates an ongoing search (0->3 dots cycling).

Any idea what may cause this?


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  1. Anonymous

    OP (time to make a BitBucket account): I forgot to test a bit more extensively. The issue is present only when accessing static html files directly (file: protocol) and gone when served by a web-server (the scenario I'm interested in).

    I guess the issue is caused by Opera/Chrome being more strict about localhost JS. I'm surprised Safari works, though, being WebKit based and all...

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