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samp text role lacks ability to escape bracket characters [with patch]

Eli Collins
created an issue

I know this is somewhat of a minor edge case, but as of 1.1, there is no way to embed literal "{" characters in the :samp: text role.

I gave a shot at fixing this myself, and came up with the attached patch, which rewrites sphinx.roles.emph_literal_role() so it behaves as follows:

  • '{' and '}' still start and end emphasized variable sections
  • only now the backslash acts as an escape character... a backslash followed by a '{', '}', or another backslash, inserts a literal character.
  • empty '{}' groups, unterminated '{' sections, and blackslashes followed by any any other character will all now result in an error.

This allows embedding special characters anywhere in :samp:, and shouldn't affect any existing documents, as long as they don't currently embed any literal backslashes or have malformed samp strings such as {{{ :samp:a{b }}}.

Also, just to note: since docutils already processes backslash escapes, this requires :samp: text in rst files to use a double-escape to enable this feature... For example, {{{ :samp:a{b\\{x\\}}c }}} in a document would result in the nodes {{{ Text("a"), emphasis("b{x}"), Text("c") }}}.

Despite the double-escape requirement, I couldn't think of anything else that seemed appropriate as an escape character. I did also try "{{"-style escapes, ala Python's {{{str.format()}}} command, but this quickly proved to have way to ambiguous a grammar for the purposes of {{{:samp:}}}.

I hope this patch is acceptable, if not, please let me know if there's anything I can do to fix it.

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  1. Daniel Beck

    I ran into this problem today trying to use the samp role to show a command containing bash brace expansion. I'd love to have a fix to allow literal curly braces in samp roles.

  2. Eli Collins reporter

    I'm not sure why this patch has languished for so long without being accepted/rejected - though I bet it's due to the huge number of open issues - I don't envy the Sphinx developers.

    In any case, a year or so ago I went ahead made my patch into a Sphinx extension, so I wouldn't have to wait for a response. I maintain a small Sphinx theme for my own projects, and threw this in patch there - All you need to do is pip install cloud_sptheme, and then add "cloud_sptheme.ext.escaped_samp_literals" to your list of sphinx extensions. Even though it's packaged with the theme, the extension functions independantly, and takes care of monkeypatching Sphinx to fix this issue.

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