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Unable to get localization mechanism running

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This refers to the localization mechanism described in (new as of Sphinx 1.1.).

Tested on Win7, WinXP and the latest Ubuntu. I tried to compile the English version of a German project by following the manual (rst -> pot -> po -> mo, entering locale_dirs in, and it didn't work. The resulting HTML files always show the German original text, only the GUI is English as expected.

Command line used was: sphinx-build –b html –Dlanguage=en c:\mini-doc_issue c:\mini-doc_issue\html_en

Adding my little test project here which is German (original, rst) with English translations (mo in locale\en\LC_MESSAGE).

Pointers to what I might do wrong very appreciated. Thanks for the good Sphinx work :)

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  1. bcg reporter

    Way to go *bonks head* In my local tests with larger projects, the path was right and the problem seems to be a different one. Only in my small demo, I used the wrong path and thus got misled. Thanks for the correction, the demo project works now. (And the bigger problem still remains, dangit :)

    Vielen Dank.

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