Issue #828 resolved

autodoc: python3 keyword-only arguments

1st1 avatar1st1 created an issue

New python3 function arguments syntax seems to be unsupported. The attached patch resolves the issue, and the test suit seems to be passing OK.

Patch modifies sphinx.utils.inspect.getargspec to use the new inspect.getfullagrspec function.

Besides just unwrapping functools.partial, I've also added the code to unwrap decorators. In python3, functools.wraps adds special attribute to the decorator - wrapped, which points to the function being decorated. Now, functions decorated with @contextlib.contextmanager have correct documentation with autodoc.

Comments (2)

  1. Antony Lee

    While this issue is quite old I would like to raise it again as it still hasn't been fixed. The suggested patch worked perfectly for me.

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