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hidden toctree entries makes chapters in epub unaccessible

Anonymous created an issue

I am making a ebook where I don't want to have links show up in the text so I use the :hidden: tag for toc-tree.

By doing this the chapters are not accessible through the simple forward navigation for eg. in Kindle reader.

You can see it also in Calibre.

I think a reasonable behaviour would be that navigation works as if used without the hidden-tag and that only the links to the included chapters does not show up in the text itself.

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  1. Jan Ulrich Hasecke

    A workaround for those who need hidden toctrees.

    1. Open your ebook in calibre.

    2. Right-click on the title entry in the main window and choose "optimize book"

    3. Select "Explode ePub". It's the upper left button.

    3. The File Manager opens and you see the contents of a temporary folder. Its name ends with "exploded". This is the contents of your ebook.

    4. You can now open the HTML-Files in this folder and simply delete the toctree links which you don't want to have in your ebook.

    5. When you are finished. Push the lower right button: "Create new ePub".

    6. Calibre creates a new ebook, which does not contain the links.

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