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literalinclude strip indent

Andy Harrington avatarAndy Harrington created an issue

If I just use a :: block, and copy in lines of code, the formatted code appears as far to the left as possible - the common indent is eliminated. This is handy in an html window with limited width. If I use literalinclude for the same lines, the common indent is left in. I would like an option, something like :shiftleft:, to make the behavior of literalinclude be the same as with copying the lines - leftmost not-blank character at the left margin.

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    I would also be interested in that feature.

    I am using literalinclude to fetch snippets from unit tests. This allows me to make sure that the code shown in the documentation is running, but that code is obviously nested in a method (and this leads to the indentation issue Andy Harrington is reporting).

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