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tomduck avatartomduck created an issue

There are some issues with the figure directive apparent in latex output.

1) The figwidth option does not work. Captions extend across the full width of the page, even when figwidth is set to "image". Note also that the figwidth option does not support values with units (e.g., using "3in" produces an error message), even though the width option provides this support.

2) The align option should justify the image and let text wrap on the open side. Images do justify, but text doesn't wrap.

3) References to figures should be replaced with the latex Figure number rather than the caption text.

I am using sphinx 0.5.1 to draft a textbook. Thanks for all of your efforts on this fantastic software.


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  1. tomduck
    • changed status to open

    A quick follow-up: For point 1, the figwidth should be respected by the caption even if the alignment is not set. I just tested with Sphinx 0.6.1, and non-aligned figures have captions that extend across the page.

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