automodule inherited methods cannot be disabled

Ian Bell avatarIan Bell created an issue

I have a project that inherits a number of wx.Panel wxpython classes (amongst other wxpython classes), and I use sphinx-apidoc to generate the API documentation. Even when I go into the .rst files and add the property :no-inherited-methods: to each automodule generated, I cannot turn off the inherited methods (and there are a HUGE number of them). This makes the documentation essentially useless since you have to sort through hundreds of inherited methods to find the two that you actually implemented.

I have also tried to set

autodoc_default_flags = ['members','no-inherited-members','show-inheritance']

in my configuration file to no avail. There does not seem to be any way to turn off inherited methods at all.

I think this is a bug because the default behavior (at least according to should be to NOT display inherited methods.

I'm at my wit's end.

FYI, I am python 2.7, windows 7 64-bit, Sphinx 1.1.3

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