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Cannot translate index entries

Xavier Perseguers
created an issue

When definining index entries: {{{ .. index:: single: Mailing List pair: Newsletter; Recipients List }}}

The index terms "Mailing List", "Newsletter" and "Recipients List" - or at least "Newsletter; Recipients List" as a single token - are not extracted by gettext and can thus not get translated.

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  1. Xavier Perseguers reporter

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    By reading you have a special processing for "pair" of index terms. However sphinx allows "triple" (IIRC) or something similar as well and I guess the corresponding implementation is missing it altogether.


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  2. Takayuki Shimizukawa

    Xavier Perseguers Yes, "pair" index term have "built-in translated" keywords then the special processing part remove "built-in translated" strings from make gettext output.

    Of cause all index types ("single", "pair", "triple", "see", "seealso", "module", "keyword", "operator", "object", "exception", "statement", "builtin") become translatable by pull request #104.

    This functionalities are tested with:

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