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epub_cover image was not copy into the images directory in the ePub file

  1. WAKAYAMA shirou

When "epub_cover" setting in the conf.py specifies an image file which is not used in other rst files, that image file will not be copied into the image directory in the ePub file.

This pull request may fix this problem. Could you check it?

Thank you.

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Comments (2)

  1. Roland Meister

    The documentation is probably too terse, you are supposed to put the cover image into the _static/ directory (html_static_path). Then the image is copied and linked correctly.

    If you want to proceed anyway, please look at the inline comments.

  2. WAKAYAMA shirou author

    A image file under the _static/ directory is copied as you said. I think I wrote silly pull request. sorry.

    I am checking why the cover page of my document is not correct. If can not find, I will decline.

    Thank you.