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Removing "sphinx" prefix from Latex class parsing

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In 5b1718f75 a change to the latex docclass handling was added. In this change there is also a small addition to the wrapperclass parsing, which adds a prefix to the config value given in the conf.py file. This might be comforrtable to people, who had old conf.py files, but has the disadvantage that other document classes, e.g. the default class report, can't be used.

Just removing that prefix and adding it to the corresponding conf.py would increase the flexibility of the whole tool drastically.

I personally got the idea to write my Master's thesis with Sphinx and only work directly in Latex for the last step of finetuning the design. Usecases are much harder with the current code base.

The discussion around this Issue already started in the mailing list, but nobody seems to be able to really say something about this.

I hope that this change can be merged or at least discussed in more depth. I am able to provide other changes as well, e.g. in the docs or the conf.py template, if and when required.

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  1. E B author

    Takayuki Shimizukawa I think I got all the important points now. The code is changed, the corresponding comment in the default conf.py is updated and the corresponding documentation also informs about the change.