Compile CHM files out of box

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  1. Michał Pasternak


I don't see any reason, why "htmlhelp" target make.bat on Windows should not try to build CHM help file.

CHM file building is the sole purpose of htmlhelp builder.

So, I added a variable to the make.bat file, that points to usual HTML Help Workshop location and voila, it works pretty good.

Why "PROGRA~2" and not %ProgramFiles(x86)%? Well, the second one causes problems, described here or here . After ~45 min of trying to have it working using environment variable, I gave up. PROGRA~1 should be "C:\Program Files" and PROGRA~2 should be "C:\Program Files(x86)", at least on the recent Windows 8.1 build.

Thank you very much for your work and making this software freely available.

Comments (6)

  1. Michał Pasternak author

    Well, yes, my fix is ugly. It's so bad, it may not be called a fix, because, as you, @anatoly techtonik shown, it is environment-dependent.

    So, having in mind all the "special cases" of , I still won't have luck with the paren, that causes the "was unexpected at this time" bug in windows command interpreter .

    Do you have any ideas, how to encode the path properly?

  2. Takayuki Shimizukawa

    I think that just executing the hhc.exe is the simplest and the most effective approach. Of course the user needs to setup PATH environment for hhc.exe. It would be good to display a message if execution failed.