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#245 Open

Add EPUB 3 builder

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hg update default
hg pull -r default https://bitbucket.org/takuan_osho/sphinx-for-epub3-builder
hg merge 293421a3fc68
hg commit -m 'Merged in takuan_osho/sphinx-for-epub3-builder (pull request #245)'
  1. Taku Shimizu

This pull request provides

  • epub3 builder
  • configuration for epub3 in Makefile

This pull request does not provide

  • HTML5 output because docutils can not output HTML5

Comments (9)

        1. Roland Meister

          Yes, I think that an epub3 builder can implement some of the improvements of epub3 without a proper HTML5 builder. So the pull request is fine, although I have a few comments, that are marked inline. I would like to keep two different buiders, the minimal epub2 builder that produces small epubs for resource starved readers, and a feature rich epub3 reader that can add interactive contents, eg. a javascript based search. Even if an epub2+3 compatible format is possible, it looks a little tricky, so for the moment, I would stick with the two builders.

          Are there any resources for epub3 examples? I looked at a few examples from http://azardi.infogridpacific.com/resources.html, I didn't yet check the examples at https://code.google.com/p/epub-samples/, Is there any other epub3 reader than azardi?

          1. Taku Shimizu author

            Thank you for your reviewing my pull request! I will update my pull request after reading and understanding your inline comments.

            I agree to your idea of keeping two different builders because I think it is a hard task to make epub2+3 compatible format.

            I don't know about good resources for epub3 examples.

    1. Takayuki Shimizukawa

      If there is a reason, I guess that this epub3 builder implementation can't generate HTML5 based content files (it also means this builder is still experimental).

      If epub3 specificatoin/reader accepts HTML4.1 contents, epub3 builder replaces with the epub builder.

    2. Taku Shimizu author

      As Takayuki Shimizukawa said, this epub3 builder implementation is still experimental because it can’t generate HTML5 based content files.

      If original epub builder and this immature epub3 builder were integrated, Sphinx couldn’t generate valid epub files and epub readers couldn’t read them. I’m afraid of this situation.