surpress warnings about mimetypes of javascript when making epub documents

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tkamishima_branch (85131eeeb411)
  1. Toshihiro Kamishima

add 'text/javascript' to media types in a epub builder

Comments (2)

  1. Roland Meister

    Hi, did you make the change to only suppress the warning message, or do you want to include the javascript file in the epub? I am hesitating to add unnecessary contents to the epub because I do not know what the readers do with it. They probably ignore the contents, but you never know.

    If you really want to add the javascript to the epub file, say it explicitly. The epub builder currently supports only the epub2 format, which does not allow for scripting. That is coming with epub3, but the builder is not yet ready for that.

    To suppress the warning, you can add the javascript files to the epub_exclude_files setting in

    Thanks, Roland

    1. Toshihiro Kamishima author

      I can understand why you do not register the mimetype of javascript. Please, reject this request.

      I made this patch to suppress warnings about such as "doctools.js," which are included in basic style. However, as you say, mimetypes that are not in the ePub specification should not be registered.

      Thank you.