fix #1056: message "Return value: ..." generated by refcounting not localized

#94 Merged at 7ef5ef8
  1. Nozomu Kaneko
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  1. Kevin Hunter

    Bear with me as I'm not familiar with this part of the Sphinx codebase, but those messages look to me more like internal messages rather than anything an end-user would see. A quick inspection of the code that calls this function (add_refcount_annotations), suggests to me those results are ignored anyway (e.g. sphinx/ app.emit('doctree-read' ...).

    Why do you want (or need?) these specific messages to be translatable?

    1. Kevin Hunter

      To clarify, I have read issue #1056, but it's not clear to me that this specific return value is ever utilized. Could you point me to an example place in the Japanese docs it is found?

        1. Kevin Hunter

          Great! I stand educated. As is often the case, I should have run the code first, rather than trying to read it alone.

          I'll suggest a minor change below: rather than use two-ifs, do it in one if-elif-else branch. This elides the need to build the string in two parts, only calls gettext once, and also makes plainer the final structure of message.

          Either way, @Takayuki Shimizukawa, you will probably have a greater interaction with this than myself. I'll step out of this conversation.