make seealso translatable

#95 Merged
  1. Nozomu Kaneko

seealso directive may generate a paragraph that is not extracted by sphinx.util.nodes.extract_messages(). It means we can not translate it.

I fixed this issue, and added a test code for it.

Comments (8)

      1. Nozomu Kaneko author

        I think that pull request #99 should eventually be better than mine, but it requires more discussions as well as sufficient test codes.

        When I merged PR 99 with the test part of PR 95, the test failed. It means, although the result was still acceptable for me, the expectation is not the same. On the other hand, my pull request #95 is more conservative. It'll introduce no backward incompatibilities (at least I intend so).

        So, my proposal is the following procedure:

        1. merge pull request #95 (if reviewers feel ok)
        2. fix the existing tests with pull request #99, add another test case as needed, etc.
        3. merge pull request #99 after the further review

        Anyway, I'll follow your decision.

        1. Robert Lehmann

          Indeed, pull request #99 has quite a different scope than this pull request (it only happens to fix the same bug by chance.) You're right that it is not backwards compatible but let's discuss the details there, not here.

          In order to get an 1.2 release out of the door in the next few days, I'm OK with merging this PR and eventually having pull request #99 in a subsequent release (which, just to make it explicit, involves reverting most of this PR.)

          (Edit: Let me clear up what I meant with "most of this PR." the hunks applied to sphinx/directives/ The rest is tests, which can be kept just fine.)