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Sphinx FAQ

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Sphinx. Feel free to suggest new entries!

How do I...

... get section numbers?
They are automatic in LaTeX output; for HTML, give a :numbered: option to the :dir:`toctree` directive where you want to start numbering.
... customize the look of the built HTML files?
Use themes, see :doc:`theming`.
... add global substitutions or includes?
Add them in the :confval:`rst_epilog` config value.
... write my own extension?
See the :ref:`extension tutorial <exttut>`.
... convert from my existing docs using MoinMoin markup?
The easiest way is to convert to xhtml, then convert xhtml to reST. You'll still need to mark up classes and such, but the headings and code examples come through cleanly.

Using Sphinx with...

There's a third-party extension providing an api role which refers to Epydoc's API docs for a given identifier.
Michael Jones is developing a reST/Sphinx bridge to doxygen called breathe.
Glenn Hutchings has written a SCons build script to build Sphinx documentation; it is hosted here:
github pages
You can use Michael Jones' sphinx-to-github tool to prepare Sphinx HTML output.