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:mod:`sphinx.ext.oldcmarkup` -- Compatibility extension for old C markup

This extension is a transition helper for projects that used the old (pre-domain) C markup, i.e. the directives like cfunction and roles like cfunc. Since the introduction of domains, they must be called by their fully-qualified name (c:function and c:func, respectively) or, with the default domain set to c, by their new name (function and func). (See :ref:`c-domain` for the details.)

If you activate this extension, it will register the old names, and you can use them like before Sphinx 1.0. The directives are:

  • cfunction
  • cmember
  • cmacro
  • ctype
  • cvar

The roles are:

  • cdata
  • cfunc
  • cmacro
  • ctype

However, it is advised to migrate to the new markup -- this extension is a compatibility convenience and will disappear in a future version of Sphinx.