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sphinx / doc / ext / intersphinx.rst

:mod:`sphinx.ext.intersphinx` -- Link to other projects' documentation

This extension can generate automatic links to the documentation of Python objects in other projects. This works as follows:

  • Each Sphinx HTML build creates a file named :file:`objects.inv` that contains a mapping from Python identifiers to URIs relative to the HTML set's root.
  • Projects using the Intersphinx extension can specify the location of such mapping files in the :confval:`intersphinx_mapping` config value. The mapping will then be used to resolve otherwise missing references to Python objects into links to the other documentation.
  • By default, the mapping file is assumed to be at the same location as the rest of the documentation; however, the location of the mapping file can also be specified individually, e.g. if the docs should be buildable without Internet access.

To use intersphinx linking, add 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx' to your :confval:`extensions` config value, and use these new config values to activate linking: