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merge with stable
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Added tag 1.3b2 for changeset 19b6c7a86fa4
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Require newer docutils and Pygments.
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update CHANGES for pull request #303, pull request #307.
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Require newer docutils and Pygments.
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changelog: split off older changes (pre-1.0) to a CHANGES.old file
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Merge with stable.
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copyright year update
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remove custom_fixers from MANIFEST.in. that directory already removed at 47baff4
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fix trailing space and long line
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direct to github in README
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Dummy change.
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Added improvements about i18n for themes "basic", "haiku" and "scrolls" that Sphinx built-in. Closes #1120
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update bundled ez_setup.py for setuptools-7.0 that requires Python 2.6 or later.
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Use universal wheel package. removing build directory procedure is not needed anymore.
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Require newer docutils and Pygments.
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Update copyright year.
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Update copyright year.
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Fix: make-mode will work with sphinx-build command that is generated from setup.py entry_points definition.
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Update copyright year.
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Require newer docutils and Pygments.
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Complete test suite overhaul.