BisonVert client

This repository is the main repository of a client wrote in django, for bisonvert, a carpooling system.

What is Bisonvert ?

Bisonvert is a simple carpooling web application. The primary goal is to match carpool demands with carpool offers.

The infrastructure is in 4 parts, which can all be found in the bitbucket page

The server

The main application logic of the carpooling service is contained in the server. This includes:

  • A carpooling system: basic operations on offer/demand.
  • A ranking system for the users.
  • A system to contact the users.
  • Availability of the data trought an API
  • A management system for API tokens (oauth)

The server uses internally Python and Django for the web application, PostGIS for Geographic informations and requests, and Mapnik to return the layers.

The server does not provides a web interface to create and search trips: this is the role of the client.

The library

A library to consume the API is provided. It's wrote in python, and not tied at all to a specific framework. You could imagine using this lib to wrote Zope/Plone applications as of Django applications.

The client

A client is also provided. It's goal is to provide a simple interface to consume the API (served by the server). It's a Django application too, and that's the repository you're browsing currently.


BisonVert client depends on few existing django apps and packages:


You can both install bisonvert from the mercurial repositories, and from pip.

Pip install

The best way is to install bisonvert from pip:

$ pip install bisonvert-client

Install from sources

To be sure to have the last dev version, follow these steps:

$ hg clone
$ hg clone
$ hg clone

Once the source fetched, you need to configure your client.

Launch bisonvert

To launch the client, just go to the source lib, and do:

$ python runserver