The Core suite is an industrial-strength alternative to OCaml's standard
library. It is composed of a variety of useful packages, including:

    * Core: the heart of the standard library.
    * Core_extended: extra components that are not as closely vetted or as
      stable as Core.  This includes, Shell, an interface for interacting
      with the UNIX shell, and Command, a command-line parsing library.
    * Async: a monadic concurrency library.
    * type_conv: a library for building type-driven syntax extensions
    * sexplib: a library for handling s-expressions, and a syntax
      extension for auto-generating conversions between OCaml types and
    * bin_prot: a library and syntax-extension for generating (de-)serializing
      OCaml values
    * Several useful syntax extensions, including:
        - pipebang     
        - variantslib
        - comparelib
        - fieldslib
        - pa_ounit


In order to compile this package, you will need:
* ocaml      (>= 3.12.1)
* findlib    (>= 1.2.7)
* pcre-ocaml (
* res        (
* oUnit      (


1. Go to the root of the package
2. Run ./build-and-install -s


1. Go to the root of the package
2. Run ./build-and-install -u -s