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Markus Mottl  committed a9e2c76

Fixed type_conv package name

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File base/type_conv/Changelog

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 2010-07-07:  Major changes for compatibility with OCaml 3.12.
-2010-06-03:  Improved determination of type-conv paths.
+2010-06-03:  Improved determination of type_conv paths.
              Thanks to Jacques Le Normand <rathereasy@gmail.com> for this

File base/type_conv/README

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-The type-conv mini library factors out functionality needed by different
+The type_conv mini library factors out functionality needed by different
 preprocessors that generate code from type specifications, because this
 functionality cannot be duplicated without losing the ability to use
 these preprocessors simultaneously.

File base/type_conv/oasis.sh

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 OASISFormat:  0.2
 OCamlVersion: >= 3.12
-Name:         type-conv
-Version:      3.0.4
+Name:         type_conv
+Version:      3.0.5
 Synopsis:     support library for preprocessor type conversions
 Authors:      Martin Sandin,
               Markus Mottl,
 Library pa_type_conv
   Path:               syntax
   Modules:            Pa_type_conv
-  FindlibName:        type-conv
+  FindlibName:        type_conv
   BuildDepends:       camlp4.quotations, camlp4.extend
   CompiledObject:     byte
   XMETAType:          syntax
   XMETARequires:      camlp4
-  XMETADescription:   Syntax extension for type-conv
+  XMETADescription:   Syntax extension for type_conv
-Document "type-conv"
+Document "type_conv"
   Title:                API reference for Type-conv
   Type:                 ocamlbuild (0.2)
   BuildTools+:          ocamldoc
   XOCamlbuildPath:      syntax
-  XOCamlbuildLibraries: type-conv
+  XOCamlbuildLibraries: type_conv
 make_tags $HERE/_tags <<EOF

File base/type_conv/syntax/META

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 # DO NOT EDIT (digest: f1c75f691f33f8ee2a4b69f96a169153)
-version = "3.0.4"
-description = "Syntax extension for type-conv"
+version = "3.0.5"
+description = "Syntax extension for type_conv"
 requires = "camlp4"
 archive(syntax, preprocessor) = "pa_type_conv.cma"
 archive(syntax, toploop) = "pa_type_conv.cma"