1. Brandon Mitchell
  2. ocaml-core


ocaml-core / licensing / THIRD-PARTY.txt

The repository contains 3rd-party code in the following locations and
under the following licenses:

- type_conv, sexplib and bin_prot: based on Tywith, by Martin
  Sandin.  License can be found in base/sexplib/LICENSE.Tywith,
  base/type_conv/LICENSE.Tywith, and base/bin_prot/LICENSE.Tywith.

- Core's implementation of union-find: based on an implementation by
  Henry Matthew Fluet, Suresh Jagannathan, and Stephen Weeks. License
  can be found in base/core/MLton-license.

- Various Core libraries are based on INRIA's OCaml
  distribution. Relicensed under Apache 2.0, as permitted under the
  Caml License for Consortium members:


  See also the disclaimer INRIA-DISCLAIMER.txt.