ocaml-core / base / bin-prot / Changelog

The branch 'bash' does not exist.
2010-03-20:  Fixed linking of toplevels to require bigarrays.

             Improved compilation on Mac OS X.

2010-03-17:  Fixed small name capture bug.

2009-12-21:  Updated contact information.

2009-09-19:  Added missing type cases for supporting variant types.

             Fixed handling of variance annotations.

2009-07-27:  Fixed build problem with gcc 4.4 due to stricter checking
             for empty macro arguments.

             Thanks to Nobuyuki Tomiza <>
             for the patch!

2009-07-20:  Merged tiny Jane Street improvements.

2009-07-03:  Made byte swapping more portable.

2009-07-02:  Added support for network byte order integers.

2009-04-22:  Added macro support for all kinds of vectors (vec,
             float32_vec, float64_vec) and matrices (mat, float32_mat,
             float64_mat), and for bigstrings (bigstring).

2009-04-16:  Fixed a bug leading to an exception when writing
             extremely large values (>4 GB buffer size).  Does not cause
             data corruption.

             Switched to private types with "Nat0.t".

             Added support for converting vectors (Bigarrays).

             Added functor for generation of converters for "iterable"

             Some code cleanups.

2009-03-09:  Synchronized with Jane Street version.

2009-03-02:  Fixed another build problem on Mac OS X.

2008-10-16:  Fixed build problem on Mac OS X.

             Thanks to Alexy Khrabrov <> for the patch!

2008-09-19:  Fixed compilation problem in test suite.

             Fixed compilation problem on 32bit platforms.  Fix bug in
             architecture detection.

2008-08-22:  Removed deprecated functionality and addressed code reviews.

2008-08-20:  Fixed build problems.  Slightly improved API.

2008-07-28:  Fixed 32bit compilation problem.

2008-05-16:  Added reader for int64_bits + test cases for reader and writer.

2008-04-29:  Final fixes before first public release.

2008-04-03:  Added converter functor for types that should not be written
             out in their original extensional representation.

2008-03-18:  Fixed minor bin_prot code generation bug with empty types.

2008-03-17:  Improved META-file.

2008-02-11:  Fixed code generation problems with variance annotations
             in signatures, and with empty types.

2007-12-18:  Added support for bigstrings.

2007-12-17:  Added support for signature generation.

2007-10-31:  Synchronized with Jane Street version.

2007-10-11:  Initial release.
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