ocaml-core / base / core / lib / core_int32.mli

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(* An int of exactly 32 bits, regardless of the machine.

   Side note: There's not much reason to want an int of at least 32 bits (i.e.
   32 on 32-bit machines and 63 on 64-bit machines) because Int63 is basically
   just as efficient.

   Overflow issues are _not_ generally considered and explicitly handled.  This
   may be more of an issue for 32-bit ints than 64-bit ints.

include Int_intf.S with type t = int32

val bits_of_float : float -> t
val float_of_bits : t -> float

val of_int : int -> t option
val to_int : t -> int option
val of_int32 : int32 -> t
val to_int32 : t -> int32
val of_int64 : int64 -> t option
val of_nativeint : nativeint -> t option
val to_nativeint : t -> nativeint