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2010-07-07:  Major changes for compatibility with OCaml 3.12.

2010-06-03:  Improved determination of type-conv paths.
             Thanks to Jacques Le Normand <rathereasy@gmail.com> for this

2009-09-19:  Added missing type cases for supporting variant types.

2009-01-14:  Added support for type converters that take arguments.
             Thanks to Jérémie Dimino <jeremie@dimino.org> for this

             Added support for deprecated OCaml syntax, since the compiler
             still supports it, too.

2008-10-22:  Fixed bug preprocessing labeled arguments in function types.

2008-10-18:  Fix for upcoming OCaml release 3.11.

2008-10-07:  Added a patch to improve handling of type conversion paths.

             Thanks to David Rajchenbach-Teller
             <David.Teller@ens-lyon.org> for the patch!

2008-08-20:  Added support for exception converters.

2008-07-25:  Fixed bug concerning variance annotations in type
             definitions within structures.

2008-03-17:  Improved META file and support of toplevel interpreter.

2008-02-11:  Added support for handling variance annotations in
             signatures, and for empty types.

2007-10-14:  Initial release.