ocaml-core / base / core / extended / lib /

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open Core.Std

(* a single 63 bit chunk of the array, bounds checking is left to the main module. We can
   only use 62 bits, because of the sign bit *)
module Int63_chunk : sig
  type t

  val empty : t
  val get : t -> int -> bool
  val set : t -> int -> bool -> t
end = struct
  open Int63

  type t = Int63.t

  let empty = zero

  let get t i = bit_and t (shift_left one i) > zero

  let set t i v =
    if v then bit_or t (shift_left one i)
    else bit_and t (bit_xor minus_one (shift_left one i))

type t = {
  data: Int63_chunk.t Array.t;
  length: int

(* We can't use the sign bit, so we only get to use 62 bits *)
let bits_per_bucket = 62

let create sz =
  if sz < 0 || sz > (Array.max_length * bits_per_bucket) then
    invalid_argf "invalid size" ();
  { data = Array.create (1 + (sz / bits_per_bucket)) Int63_chunk.empty;
    length = sz }

let bucket i = i / bits_per_bucket
let index i = i mod bits_per_bucket
let bounds_check t i =
  if i < 0 || i >= t.length then
    invalid_argf "Bitarray: out of bounds" ();

let get t i =
  bounds_check t i;
  Int63_chunk.get i) (index i)

let set t i v =
  bounds_check t i;
  let bucket = bucket i in <- Int63_chunk.set (index i) v

let clear t =
  Array.fill ~pos:0 ~len:(Array.length Int63_chunk.empty

let fold =
  let rec loop t n ~init ~f =
    if n < t.length then
      loop t (n + 1) ~init:(f init (get t n)) ~f
  fun t ~init ~f -> loop t 0 ~init ~f

let iter t ~f = fold t ~init:() ~f:(fun _ v -> f v)

let sexp_of_t t =
  Array.sexp_of_t Bool.sexp_of_t
    (Array.init t.length ~f:(fun i -> get t i))

let t_of_sexp sexp =
  let a = Array.t_of_sexp Bool.t_of_sexp sexp in
  let t = create (Array.length a) in
  Array.iteri a ~f:(fun i v -> set t i v);
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