ocaml-core / base / core / lib /

The branch 'bash' does not exist.
module LargeFile = Unix.LargeFile

let getenv var = try Some (Sys.getenv var) with Not_found -> None

let getenv_exn var =
  match getenv var with
  | Some x -> x
  | None ->
      "Sys.getenv_exn: environment variable %s is not set" var ()

let stat_check_exn f ?(follow_symlinks=true) path =
  let rec loop () =
      f (if follow_symlinks then
          LargeFile.stat path
          LargeFile.lstat path)
    | Unix.Unix_error(Unix.EINTR,_,_) -> loop ()
    | Unix.Unix_error ((Unix.ENOENT|Unix.ENOTDIR), _, _) -> false
  loop ()

let stat_check f ?follow_symlinks path =
    if stat_check_exn f ?follow_symlinks path then
  | Unix.Unix_error ((Unix.EACCES|Unix.ELOOP), _, _)   -> `Unknown

let file_exists = stat_check (fun _ -> true)
let file_exists_exn = stat_check_exn (fun _ -> true)

let is_directory = stat_check (fun stat -> stat.LargeFile.st_kind = Unix.S_DIR)
let is_directory_exn = stat_check_exn
  (fun stat -> stat.LargeFile.st_kind = Unix.S_DIR)

let is_file = stat_check (fun stat -> stat.LargeFile.st_kind = Unix.S_REG)
let is_file_exn = stat_check_exn
  (fun stat -> stat.LargeFile.st_kind = Unix.S_REG)

include struct
  open Caml.Sys
  let argv = argv
  let executable_name = executable_name
  let remove = remove
  let rename = rename
  let command = command
  let chdir = chdir
  let getcwd = getcwd
  let readdir = readdir
  let interactive = interactive
  let os_type = os_type
  let word_size = word_size
  exception Break = Break
  let catch_break = catch_break
  let ocaml_version = ocaml_version

exception Command_failed_with_status of Core_int.t * Core_string.t with sexp

let command_exn string =
  let status = command string in
  if status <> 0 then raise (Command_failed_with_status (status, string))
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