1. Brandon Mitchell
  2. ocaml-core


ocaml-core / base / core / lib / string_id.ml

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open Std_internal

include String

let check s =
  let stripped = String.strip s in
  if not (String.(=) stripped s) then
    Some (sprintf ("'%s' is not a valid identifier " ^^
                      "because it has whitespace on the edge")
  else if String.(=) s "" then
    Some "Attempt to use empty identifier"
  else if String.contains s '|' then
    Some "Identifier contains a pipe '|'"

let of_string s =
  match check s with
  | None -> s
  | Some err -> invalid_arg err

let t_of_sexp sexp =
  let s = String.t_of_sexp sexp in
  match check s with
  | None -> s
  | Some err -> of_sexp_error err sexp