Bitbeaker - A Bitbucket client for Android


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If you find a bug or need a feature, please report it to Please keep in mind that this is a free software with very few volunteers working on it in their free time. You should also check if the fix or feature is already mentioned in Next release section of Changelog. Use vote to help prioritising the issues.


Contribution is very welcome! If you want to add a feature or fix a bug yourself, please fork the repository at, do your changes and send a pull request. However, it may be a good idea to discuss your intentions in the issue tracker before you start coding. See also Contributing guidelines.

Getting started

First make sure you have set a username in Mercurial. Add something like this to ~/.hgrc (*nix) or %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial.ini (Windows):

username = John Doe <>

For your own developing, register yourself a new OAuth consumer in Bitbucket (Manage account -> Integrated applications -> Add consumer).

The rest of this guide assumes you use Android Studio:
(Tested with Linux Mint 17.2, Android Studio 1.5.1)

  1. Check out project from Version Control -> Mercurial -> Clone. Once cloning is finished, a prompt will open asking if you want to open build.gradle. Just leave the prompt open for now.
  2. Copy app/ to app/ and fill in your OAuth key and secret.
  3. Using SDK Manager, install
    1. Android Support Repository
    2. Check from app/build.gradle which versions are required from these:
      1. Android SDK Tools
      2. Android SDK Platform-tools
      3. Android SDK Build-tools
      4. SDK Platform (Android API)
  4. Import project into Android Studio: continue with the prompt from step 1 (or Import Project -> select build.gradle).

More tips using Android Studio can be found in our Wiki.


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Use the issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests. You can also come to say hi at (get invite here)

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