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Bitbeaker changelog

List of the most important changes in every version. Reduces the need of read through the whole commit history :)

Next release

  • Bugfixes:
    • High battery usage when notifications are enabled (#376)
    • Notifications blocked by some repositories (#384)
  • Add refresh button for repository metadata (#308)

v3.3 (33)

  • Bugfixes:
    • Locale override not working anymore (#360)
    • Crash when encountering anonymous author of issue comment (#253: NPE at IssueCommentsAdapter)
    • Limit the diff to a single file, helps avoiding ANRs (#356)
    • Milestones, versions and components lists are all showing incorrectly 100% progress (#375)
  • Remove implicit dependency Apache Commons Lang
    • fixes also a crash when opening repository followers (#358: NoSuchMethodError: StringUtils.isNoneEmpty)
  • Highlight .edn, .cljs, .cljc, and .cljx as Clojure (#363)
  • Add possibility to see only Open issues instead of New&Open (#267)
  • Drop Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich support (#359)
  • Migrate to Retrofit 2 (#349)
  • Api call refactoring
  • New translations: Czech, Korean
  • Add Privacy Policy for Google Play (#374)


  • Hotfix: handle old OAuth 1 authentication token gracefully (issue #355: v3.2 crashes on startup)
  • Add new option for opt-in beta releases


  • Bugfixes:
    • Text on PagerTabStrip initially not visible (issue #297)
    • Can't see images in repo (issue #320)
    • Can't add comment to issue on some devices (issue #285)
    • Relative links in nested wiki pages not working (issue #322)
    • OutOfMemoryError (issue #220)
  • Rewrite authentication to use OAuth 2.0 (issue #328). Fixes also:
    • Login using Google account fails (session expired) (issue #298)
    • Crash when logging in (BadTokenException) (#223)
    • Crash when logging in (Invalid OAuth verifier) (#214)
    • Couldn't get request token (issue #256)
    • Crash during startup: OAuth token is null (issue #282)
    • Login using Bitbucket 2FA fails when U2F security key enabled (issue #350)
  • Requesting Permissions at Run Time (issue #265)
  • Replaced custom navigation drawer with Navigation View from Android Design Support Library (issue #200)
  • Add/change/remove assignee by typing his username manually (issue #180)
  • New translation: Indonesian
  • Replace Universal Image Loader with Glide
  • Remove logout option from settings, use Android's Settings->Accounts instead
  • Move link to Bitbeaker's issue tracker out of main menu (issue #331)
  • Use FileProvider for sharing content to other apps (issue #243)
  • Capture only those Bitbucket links we can handle (issue #159)


  • Hotfix: Login stucks at OAuth stage 2 on Android >5 (issue #272)


  • Bugfixes:
    • Unable to signin with Facebook (issue #248)
    • fix intercepting links to single issues (issue #255)
    • disable Downloads because of issue #252 (Authentication not working anymore when scraping data from Bitbucket website)
  • Plain URL links in issues don't work (issue #249)
  • add C++ syntax highlighting for .hpp files
  • Update Italian translation from 30% to 100%
  • New translation: Simplified Chinese
  • Add refresh button to list of issues (#87: Edited issues not updating)


  • Bugfixes:
    • fix search button in login screen
    • update SnackBar library to fix memory leak
    • Can't log in with google account with two-factor authentication enabled (issue #247)
    • Crash when logging in (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException) (issue #238)
  • Drop Froyo support (issue #201)


  • Bugfixes:
    • NoSuchMethodError: StringUtils.isNoneBlank (issue #236)
  • translation updates
  • More sorting options to UserProfileActivity (issue #125)


  • Downloads (issues #80 and #232)
  • Tighter integration of Bitbeaker's issue tracker (issue #218)
  • New translations: Hindi, Ukrainian, Dutch
  • Use different package names for release and debug builds: both versions can be installed simultaneously (issue #195)
  • Material theme (issue #200)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Crash when submitting new issue (or editing an old one) (issue #217)
    • Branch names with forward slash broken (issue #231)
  • Internal changes:
    • Switch to use JCenter instead of MavenCentral
    • Unit testing on a local JVM (issue #230)


  • View assignee in issue details (issue #194)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Better error messages when logging in (issue #190)
    • Fix a crash when trying to save source code too soon (issue #210)


  • Bugfixes:
    • Disable vertical fading edge (issue #46)
    • Strip unwanted resources from released .apk
  • Translation updates, including first lines of new language Portuguese (Brazil)


Continued finishing features started in v2.5.1 and implemented many new things

  • New project owner and official publisher (issue #187)
  • Bugfixes:
    • issue #154 (Crash when clicking on the first changeset)
    • fixed progress bars of milestones/versions/components if there were more than 15 issues (issue #91)
    • issues were not always editable or resolvable when they should have been (fixed permissions in issue #122)
    • issue #158 (Restore selected branch when configuration changed)
    • issue #160 (Limit of issues even in "Show all issues")
    • Authentication token is no longer forgotten if app is started without network connection (issue #144)
    • issue #163 (Source code browser appends extra line number at the end)
    • issue #164 (@ character in folder name: "not authorised to access")
    • issue #166 (Changesets and events stop loading after multiple phone orientation changes)
    • issue #168 (User's repositories are shown multiple times)
    • Fix indeterminate progressbars in wiki, diff and in other places mentioned in #182
    • Fix opening some links
  • Disabled menu item for Downloads (this section is still under development)
  • Filter repository followers by name using a search field
  • Import/export favorites
  • Notifications for events at selected repositories (issue #72)
  • Internal change: unified coding style and set up tools to help maintaining it, see Contributing
  • Updated translation: Polish (from 40% to 100%)
  • When lists (changesets/issues) are scrolled down, limit number of extra items downloaded at one time based on connection speed (issue #165)
  • Copy repo URL to clipboard (issue #172)
  • sort repository view by most recent commits first (issue #155)
  • Support for tags (issue #94)
  • More search options (#127)
  • Rewrite cache handling (issue #132)


Note: This version did get released a bit too soon to fix issue #126. Most of changes were scheduled for v3.0. Expect to find some broken features. We are trying to fix those ASAP.

  • New translations: Russian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian
  • Bugfixes:
    • issue #126 (issue title is url encoded when edited and saved)
    • issue #129 (Haskell syntax highlighting)
    • issue #130 (Verilog syntax highlighting)
    • issue #145 (Error Message "Your are not authorized!" when browsing file or folder names containing spaces)
  • Replaced ActionBarSherlock with Actionbar from Support Library (Issue #128)
  • Internal change: project setup for Android Studio and Gradle build system
  • Source viewer uses CodeMirror
    • Line numbers
    • Improved syntax highlighting
  • UI
    • New icons
    • Select language independently of device's default language (issues #49 and #52)
    • Layout optimisations on multiple places (issue #112)
    • Navigation Drawer (issue #134)
    • Improved profile picture displaying (issue #136)
  • Issues:
    • Support for milestones/versions/components (issue #78)
    • Progress bars for milestones/versions/components (issue #91)
    • Button for resolving an issue with single click (issue #122)


  • Support for lists (ul, ol) in issues and comments for commits
  • Newsfeed improvements
  • OAuth (issue #103)
  • Bugfixes:
    • issue #118 (Issue List reverts to "New & Open" when device orientation changes)
    • issue #96 (Raise the character lmit on passwords)
  • View pull request comments (available only from direct links, for example in Newsfeed)
  • New translations: Japanese, Polish
  • Zoom images (issue #113)
  • Hold down a repository in the main repositories view and you have the option to revoke your admin rights to the project.


  • Tried to fix issue #109


  • Wiki:
    • supports Creole, Markdown and Textile; added possibility to view page in plain text
    • added link to wiki main page
    • fixed relative links
    • enable history.back() with back button
    • show progressbar while loading
  • Lots of markup improvements in Changesets and Issues
  • Open PDF files in external app (issue #99)
  • Added confirmation prompt to logout button
  • Post a new comment to changeset (issue #67)
  • New translation: French
  • Partial support for downloading currently viewed file (issue #77)
  • List items changes background color on touch
  • Added support for Newsfeed (experimental, can be enabled from Settings)
  • Bugfixes:
    • issue #73 (Issue titles cannot be changed)
    • issue #76 (Issue contents not loading when there is no reported_by field)
    • issue #114 (Changing orientation takes you back to wiki main page)
    • issue #110 (Default branch in SourceBrowserActivity)
    • app crashed when tried to open some Bitbucket urls from web browser
  • Display repository events (spin-off from issue #2)
  • Internal change: organized code into packages


  • Small compatibility fix


  • Separated hard coded Strings into xml files: localizations are now possible (issue #32)
  • Added translations: German, Finnish
  • Added support of Bitbucket's markup
  • Launch Bitbeaker by clicking some links on Bitbucket
  • Render Markdown documents (READMEs) in SourceBrowser
  • Display Bitbucket's user profiles
  • Localize timestamps (issue #33)
  • Internal change: added unit tests
  • Internal change: refactored all file downloading methods
  • Display if repository is a fork of some other repo
  • Created some clickable links
  • Added Settings (issue #49)
  • Show changeset comments
  • Bugfixes:
    • issue #51 (Saved username and password is forgotten if a login attempt fails (i.e. there is no network connection))
    • issue #38 (IssuesActivity ignores filter when started with URL)
    • issue #63 (Storing the cache оn the SD card)
    • issue #70 (Wiki instead of source in actionbar)
    • issue #35 (Make syntax highlighting optional in SourceActivity)
  • Cache downloaded images
  • New UI:
    • Tabs
    • New theme (issue #59)
    • Favorite repositories (separate from Bitbucket) (issue #61)
    • Unified list items
  • Download branch as ZIP (requires API 15)


  • Fixed crash on empty repos
  • Show images:
    • in source code viewer
    • in diff viewer
  • Bugfix: support whitespace characters in file path (Issue #9)
  • Select priority for new issues
  • Edit issues


  • Got rid of the "Loading ..." Alert Boxes
  • Add comment to issues
  • Added support for branches
  • New icons
  • Login/Logout actions (Issue #21)
  • Fixed wiki links
  • Licence: Apache Licence, Version 2.0


  • Added support for links in Wiki
  • Show issue comments
  • Show diff (Issue #9)
  • Filter issues by status
  • Bugfix: allow whitespace characters in the file name (Issue #14)
  • UI: ActionBar

Older versions

There are only few commits. Full listing is available at