This is BitCake's set of useful tools that will let you quickly bootstrap a new Unity project. We use it in our projects and hope it will be of help for yours! :)

What is this repository for?

This is our humble way to give back to the game dev community. We hope this will ease other studios lives when working with Unity!

You are free to use this code in whatever project you feel like to :D

How do I get set up?

This is the easy part! Since this is a Unity project, just download it and then continue from there. Alternatively, you can just add all these scripts to an already existing project.

It is also possible to import it directly from the AssetStore.


BitStrap is licensed under the MIT License. You can read more about it at

Contribution guidelines

At the time of writing, we expect users to simply download and reuse this code. Feel free, however, to contribute to this repository by creating pull requests or just talking to us.


Although all the classes are already documented, we also have a simple web page containing a feature list followed by a quick explanation of each. You can think of it as a "table of contents".

Documentation Link

Who do I talk to?

  • Jefferson Bandeira
  • Matheus Lessa Rodrigues
  • Vinicius Pacha
  • Anyone from BitCake team