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Issue #12 new

Implement additional functions when using eSky

created an issue

The eSky ET6i transmitter has not only two joysticks and a power on button, it also has three switches and two turning knobs.


  • could be used to arm/disarm the quadcopter
  • Change mode: Easy (low max. pitch/roll/yaw) and Advanced (user defined max. pitch/roll/yaw)
  • Lock heading
  • Lock height
  • turn on Land mode (langing slowly to ground)


  • Change max pitch&roll
  • Set max speed in %

Comments (3)

  1. dff180

    Added support for the CH5 knob in my code fork. Knob is used to do a linear interpolation between two sensitivity setups (easy/advanced). GYRO.SW switch must be set to 0.

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