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add custom s3 host setting

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     querystring_expire = setting('AWS_QUERYSTRING_EXPIRE', 3600)
     reduced_redundancy = setting('AWS_REDUCED_REDUNDANCY', False)
     location = setting('AWS_LOCATION', '')
+    host = setting('AWS_S3_HOST', S3Connection.DefaultHost)
     encryption = setting('AWS_S3_ENCRYPTION', False)
     custom_domain = setting('AWS_S3_CUSTOM_DOMAIN')
     calling_format = setting('AWS_S3_CALLING_FORMAT', SubdomainCallingFormat())
         if self._connection is None:
             self._connection = self.connection_class(
                 self.access_key, self.secret_key,
-                calling_format=self.calling_format)
+      , calling_format=self.calling_format)
         return self._connection
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