# COBOL Language Support for Sublime Text 3 ## What is this? Syntax highlighting for COBOL in Sublime Text 3. ## What is this not? An IDE or Intellisense suport for COBOL. ### Package Control 1. Make sure you already have [Package Control]( installed 2. Choose *Install Package* from the Command Palette 3. Select *COBOL* and press `Enter` ### Manual installation 1. Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option 2. Unzip the files to your Sublime Text `Packages` directory ## Features - Basic COBOL syntax and simple keyword completion - Sequence number/add/remove/clear via extra commands - goto start of procedure division command - Snippets for basic program (program-id), basic class (class-id), method, try-catch, evaluate - Simple template COBOL programs - Dialect based syntax (OpenCOBOL, Micro Focus ACUCOBOL GT and Micro Focus COBOL) - Simple jcl syntax support - Custom comment prefix ## Shortcuts - [ ALT SHIFT A ]: Change to ACUCOBOL Syntax - [ ALT SHIFT C ]: Change to COBOL Syntax - [ ALT SHIFT O ]: Change to OpenCOBOL Syntax