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 * **Array<T>** Implements an array of objects. A lightweight version of std::vector that assumes that *T* is a POD-object (i.e. constructors and destructors do not have to be called and the object can be moved with memmove).
+* **Queue<T>** Implements a double-ended queue/ring-buffer of POD objects. Push items to the back of the queue and pop them from the front.
 * **Hash<T>** Implements a lightweight hash that assumes that *T* is a POD-object. The hash keys are always uint64_t numbers. If you want to use some other type of key, just hash it to a uint64_t first. (The hash function should not have any collisions in your domain.) The hash can be used as a regular hash, or as a multi_hash, through the *multi_hash* interface.
 * **string_stream** Functions for using an Array<char> as a stream of characters that you can print formatted messages to.