1. bitsquid
  2. foundation


foundation / collection_types.h

#pragma once

#include "types.h"
#include "memory_types.h"

/// All collection types assume that they are used to store POD objects. I.e. they:
/// * Don't call constructors and destructors on elements.
/// * Move elements with memmove().
/// If you want to store items that are not PODs, use something other than these collection
/// classes.
namespace foundation
	/// Dynamically resizable array of POD objects.
	template<typename T> struct Array
		Array(Allocator &a);
		Array(const Array &other);
		Array &operator=(const Array &other);
		T &operator[](uint32_t i);
		const T &operator[](uint32_t i) const;

		Allocator *_allocator;
		uint32_t _size;
		uint32_t _capacity;
		T *_data;

	/// A double-ended queue/ring buffer.
	template <typename T> struct Queue
		Queue(Allocator &a);

		T &operator[](uint32_t i);
		const T &operator[](uint32_t i) const;

		Array<T> _data;
		uint32_t _size;
		uint32_t _offset;

	/// Hash from an uint64_t to POD objects. If you want to use a generic key
	/// object, use a hash function to map that object to an uint64_t.
	template<typename T> struct Hash
		Hash(Allocator &a);
		struct Entry {
			uint64_t key;
			uint32_t next;
			T value;

		Array<uint32_t> _hash;
		Array<Entry> _data;