django Smart Error404

Smart error pages for your Django website. Enlighten your visitors with helping error pages, use their precious potential. Keep visitors on your site, make use of cross-selling.

This django app adds intelligence to your error pages, such as 404.html from your project's templates folder:

  • Show search results based on URL path and query string
  • Offer a search box (if haystack is available)
  • Offer link back to home page
  • Optionally, show ads from configurable ads account


Install the latest release using pip:

$ pip install django-smart-error404

Install the development version from the repository using pip:

$ pip install git+

Install the development version manually:

$ git clone
$ cd django-smart-error404
$ python install

Download and Contributions

Official repositories: (kept in sync)

  1. Bitbucket:
  2. GitHub:

Getting Help

  • Questions? Please use StackOverflow. Tag your questions with django-smart-error404.
  • Found a bug? Please use either the Bitbucket or GitHub issue tracker (you choose)